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mimovi Summer 2008


mimovi allows its members to create their own films and simple programme schedules and to publish or broadcast these on multiple platforms. mimovi fills the gap in both professional and consumer markets for a simple, quick and easy way to upload, search, create, collaborate, share and publish media in a thin client web application.


mimovi is an enabling technology, a thin client collaborative web browser media

( video, pictures and music ) upload, tag, edit and publishing platform which supports

broadcast standards. With the ease of use of a really simple lightweight point click and drag application, B2B and B2C users can make high quality media output anytime and anyplace - quicker, easier and cheaper with no need for special equipment, software download or specialist training. mimovi is supported by patent applications in the USA, EU and UK with a retrospective filing date of August 2004.


Users have their own areas to upload and store media, can create their own films and simple programme schedules, can share files with colleagues for collaboration and can auto conform a lower resolution version on the servers. These finished films are then available to stream to a variety of destinations including major social networks (YouTube, FaceBook, Second Life), websites of their own and for IPTV play out. The platform supports QuickTime H264 AAC so media can also be published to view through the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, pod cast (or vodcast) and users can also download the finished film if required.

After trialing the free platform, organisations can opt for a subscription paid private

platform for their own communities, where higher specification films can be made and broadcast files output to production studios. This subscription model is charged out at competitive rates dependent on bandwidth, storage, numbers of user accounts and if full 24/7 maintenance is required.


There are specific B2B sector uses within the platform including the use of mimovi by the creative and media industries as a fast and cost effective way of producing visual advertising, infomercials and customer programming. With the explosion of web and mobile channels the need to produce and repurpose these forms of content quickly and cheaply is of high value.


3. Summary of key benefits and features:

 Very thin client browser application, cheaper and easier to the same potential

output quality as broadcast. Broadcast standards supported.

 Low cost and quick, very high speed to market of product produced whether

news or advertising or consumer video.

 No problems when users crash as all data is saved at mimovi. Work anywhere

without taking any computer or downloading any software.

 Will suit small mobile devices, as the application requires low bandwidth to run.

 Real time file sharing and collaboration across global networks.

 Multilingual. Broad patent applications. Local channels with global reach.

There will be published channels running on idevices and through FaceBook.


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